Image processing is the technique used to manipulate digital images to improve, modify, or extract information from them. Learning about image processing can help you understand what tools like Adobe Photoshop are doing, enabling you to replicate or create your own effects. This knowledge also serves as a basis for understanding more advanced technologies, such as image recognition or generation.

画像処理とは、デジタル画像を改良、修正、または情報を抽出するために使われる技術です。画像処理について学ぶことで、Adobe Photoshopのようなツールが何をしているか理解し、エフェクトを再現したり、自分なりに作成したりすることができます。また、この知識は、画像認識や生成などのより高度な技術を理解するための基盤にもなります。

Color Processing


Color processing involves manipulating the color channels of an image. This includes adjusting the color balance, contrast, or converting a color image to monochrome.


Color Processing カラープロセッシング



Convolution is an operation used in image processing and machine learning that is performed by applying a filter or a kernel to the source data, in the case of an image, an array of pixels. Convolution is used in blurring, sharpening, edge detection and many other image processing tasks.


Convolution コンボリューション

Deformation and Feedback 変形とフィードバック

Deformation is the process of transforming an image by changing its shape or perspective. It is often used for image correction, such as fixing distortions caused by camera lenses, or to create special effects in images. Additionally, we will explore the feedback technique, which involves iteratively applying image processing to create more complex and interesting effects.