Let’s use basic Newtonian mechanics and vectors to move things around.




To move an object, we first need a position. A position can be represented as a vector from the origin.


A position cannot be represented as a vector unless the origin and the direction of the axis are determined. The same position can be represented by different vectors if the reference point is different. Do we look at it from the perspective of the main character or from the camera's point of view? Two steps forward and four steps to the right from where you are now, or 300m north-northwest from Tokyo Tower, etc. The same position can be described differently.


In the demo below, the origin is placed in the center, the x-axis goes from left to right and the y-axis goes from bottom to top. You can move the position by clicking on the screen.





Now we have a position. But it is not very realistic if it moves instantaneously to another point. To move a point gradually, we need information about how the position changes with respect to time. The amount of change in position is called “velocity” and can be represented by another vector.