We see things by catching the light reflected or refracted by objects with our eyes. Let’s look into how that works.


<aside> 💡 Although we will mainly look at techniques used in 3D graphics as examples here, the goal is to help come up with ideas and experiment with the knowledge. Personally, I don’t do much photorealistic rendering (except when I’m paid for it :), but I can still use the knowledge in various ways, from creating the rendering effect I want to using the nature of light itself as a graphical motif.



<aside> 💡 I’m not versed enough to be able to build a proper 3D rendering engine, so I'll try to leave links to individual details as much as possible. ちゃんとした3Dレンダリングエンジンを作れるほど詳しくないので、個々の詳細ついてはできるだけリンクを残すようにします。


<aside> 💡 I used a technique called ray marching to render 3D scenes in most of the demos below. To learn more about ray marching, the following pages are highly recommended. この先の多くのデモではレイマーチングという手法で3Dをレンダリングします。レイマーチングについては下記のページがお勧めです。

Ray Marching and Signed Distance Functions wgld.org (日本語)


Specular reflections and diffuse light 鏡面反射と拡散光

Classic 3D Rendering 古典的 3D レンダリング

(Somewhat more) Physically based rendering 物理的に(もう少し)正しいレンダリング


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